goldenxchildx: Officially my tumblr crush!!!

I’m honored ! 😘

ther4flu: You're mad cute 😍

Well hello 😏

I consider myself as a surviver now
2 surgeries in both the bottom and top half of my body within 3 months…

I should get an award

Surgery número dos tomorrow and I’m more prepared than ever.

Me: I’m worried because I’m going into college a virgin and I wanna do some freaky stuff and I don’t want to loose it to someone who doesn’t care about me.
Homie: Well I’d be honored to take it from you. We’ll still be close friends afterwards too and it wouldn’t even be awkward. That’s what friends are for right ?

thtblkboy: Naturally curly... Shits sexy


Anonymous: Go curly Make bey jealous of your real hair 😂😂😂


Anonymous: no one gives a flying shit about your hair

Beyonce gives lots of flying shits

Guys, this is a serious question

Should i wear my hair naturally curly or straighten it for the beyonce concert?